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Susan ForemanSusan Forman, has been a Certified Life Coach since 2009 and then became certified in hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming to provide clients with a more diverse and creative approach to long lasting and permanent, positive change. Susan is certified in pain management.  She however, has been no stranger to hypnosis. At the young age of 19, Susan worked as an office manager for hypnosis professionals. Susan shares that she had been drawn to the field of hypnosis since that time. Susan added hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming to her Life Coaching profession after personally experiencing a profound transformation while using hypnosis for a chronic back issue she accrued after a car accident, then developing into fibromyalgia and issues in her spine. Susan admits that not only did hypnosis release the pain, but restored a normal sleep pattern, dissolved depression and resolved issues with PTSD. Susan is certified in pain management.

What Can Hypnosis Do For You?
Below are just some of the many benefits of hypnotherapy
release anxiety
weight loss
Hypnosis for smoking
Hypnosis For pain management
What Makes Us Better?
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Susan Forman, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, & Integrative Life Coach

Susan does a form of energy work called The Body Code, where she identifies and corrects imbalances that can cause emotional and physical problems for people. The human body has a powerful ability to heal itself if conditions are right; Susan assists in guiding you through the process of self healing emotionally and physically.

The video below explains how emotions effect your health, and how energy work can release these conditions.

Learn How Emotion Affects Your Health

E-Motion is a factual and entertaining documentary exploring the impact emotions have on health. Featuring Neale Donald Walsch, Dr Joe Dispenza, Sonia Choquette, Dr Darren Weissman, Nassim Haramein, Dr Bradley Nelson, Don Tolman & other experts E-Motion presents a new paradigm in health care - SELF CARE. "E-Motion will have a very positive impact on the evolution of human consciousness" - Bruce Lipton PhD. Stream the film for 48 hours ($6.95) or download an electronic copy ($16.95) via the below link. 

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Clinical Hypnosis
Deep Relaxation
Free your Mind
Be Happy
Weight Loss
Pain Management
How Effective Is Hypnosis?
Results from a comprehensive study by American Health magazine found the following

Hypnotherapy Was The Clear Winner

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Hypnosis Can Change Your Life Forever
Jenna Dodge
Free From Smoking
Nathan Rama
Free From Back Pain
Kathy Speck
Free From Anxiety
Michelle Manning
Lost Over 60 Lbs
Daniel Zieuang Regained Confidence
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